Monday, June 16, 2008

Support your Local Farmer's Market!

Last week a patient asked me if I had been to the North Hills Farmer’s Market. I replied that I had not, but decided to check it out this past Saturday. I also visited the State Farmer’s Market as well. To be fair, I must disclose that I LOVE the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. I’ve been making regular trips out there since I moved here a few years ago. So, I have high standards as the Carrboro market has many pesticide free/organic farmers selling their produce. Add to that the festive atmosphere and community spirit and you have the makings of a great market.

The State Farmer’s Market is certainly the largest and most abundant market I am familiar with. There’s locally grown produce as far as the eye can see. The prices are phenomenal but I don’t shop there regularly because I’ve been unable to find pesticide free/organic produce.
The North Hills Farmer’s Market is currently in it’s first season of operation. It just opened in April. This gem of a market was a welcome surprise. Although small (but growing!), this market had numerous pesticide free/organic farmers. Some of the farmers/vendors I spoke with were Smith’s Nursery, Cedar Rock Farm, and Jackson Farm. They explained how they are able to grow vegetables and fruit without the use of synthetic pesticides. They were all enthusiastic and happy to be there.

I have yet to visit markets in Durham or Wake Forest so if you have thoughts about them, please share them with Jennifer Campbell at

Most farmer’s markets are open on Saturday mornings and run through the fall or are year round. I encourage you to check out the locally grown vegetables and fruit. Support the local economy and minimize the carbon footprint of the food you consume.

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