Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chia Seeds: A Great Omega 3

You may have heard that omega 3 essential fatty acids are good for you. I agree and that’s why I add different sources of omega 3 fats into my diet daily. I’m quite fond of hemp and flax seeds but today I want to talk about chia seeds. Yes, these are the seeds that are used for Chia Pet, but I promise you they are edible and quite tasty.

These little brown bundles of nutrition and versatility originally hail from South America where they have been used by the native Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas for millennia. I’ve read that chia in the Mayan language means “strength.” Researchers have documented that chia seeds contain more protein than any other seed or grain. Considering the high fiber content of these seeds, many have labeled these tiny seeds an “almost perfect food.”

Chia seeds have no sugar so are safe for diabetics. Since they contain abundant fiber, they are perfect for healthy digestion. They have more iron than spinach, are calcium rich, and contain good fats so they help satiate a hungry appetite.

I’ve used chia seeds in smoothies, yogurt and homemade crackers. But lately my favorite way to eat chia seeds has been in a “pudding.” Cast aside any thoughts of Jell-O pudding as this is quite different. The recipe I’ve been using is from Search “chia seeds” on the blog and you’ll find the recipe for raw “tapioca” pudding. As she says on her blog, this “pudding” is ridiculously easy to prepare. I use the “pudding” as a refreshing snack at work.


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