Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Grabbing National Headlines: What can you do?

Swine flu has grabbed national and international headlines over the past few days. Today marked the first death in the recent surge of cases. While I believe the national media is using scare tactics rather than providing useful information, it is important to take this potential threat seriously.

I think it’s important to question why we are susceptible to these flu viruses. One major reason is nutritional deficiencies. Wholesome and health promoting foods are not staples of most Americans’ diet. Americans are a nation of overfed and undernourished people. This coupled with the chemical burden our bodies face each day from air/water pollution, pesticides, plastics, and medications has dramatically comprised the health of our country. Refined (packaged) foods lack the vitamin A, C, E complexes, B6, folic acid, zinc selenium, iron, copper, probiotics, and enzymes necessary to support a healthy immune system.

The human body is designed to be well. The immune system’s job it to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. When the body is nutritionally strong, the immune system works as it should. However, stress, lack of sleep, and a poor diet all affect the body’s ability to ward off potential illness.

I regularly work with patients to build their immune systems in a natural way. As one is learning to eat nutritionally dense food, I suggest using whole food concentrate supplements to support the healing and protective processes in the body. I specifically use Standard Process nutritional supplements. I have found no other nutritional support help restore health and vitality to the body as I have with Standard Process. You can learn more about Standard Process at

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