Monday, August 31, 2009

The Current Health-Paradigm Crisis

I just read an article in a chiropractic journal about the ongoing discussions on health care. The premise of the article is that we’re not in a health care crisis, rather we’re in a health-paradigm crisis. I agree with that and here’s why.

The cost of health care in this country is spiraling out of control yet as a whole, Americans experience more illness and disease than the most of the industrialized world. The average American does not take responsibility for his/her health and instead, relies on standard medical care as their primary form of health care. This results in dysfunction, imbalance, and eventually disease. In these cases, doctors must “fix” the patient. This type of healthcare should really be called “disease management.”

Diabetes is a perfect example. Type II diabetes is what’s called a “lifestyle” disease in that it is completely preventable and a result of poor lifestyle choices, specifica

lly diet. I recently read that in 2007,

the direct and indirect costs of treating diabetes were $174 billion. The American Diabetes Association has stated that “One out of every five health care dollars is spent caring for someone with diagnosed diabetes, while one in ten health care dollars is attributed to diabetes.” Here is a disease that is completely avoidable and 20% of health care dollars are spent on treating this disease.

What if we lived in a world where healthy choices were the norm? For example, what would the state of health care look like if Americans ate properly, exercised and slept regularly, plus received regular chiropractic care? I’d like to see that. We, as Americans, should be taking ownership of our health and focusing on wellness care plus the prevention on diseases. In the long run this type of health care saves us tremendous amounts of money. That’s what is meant by a health-paradigm crisis. What do you think?

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