Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soy is NOT a Health Food!

You may have read about my health journey in previous posts. I continue with that theme as I discuss soy foods today. I was a vegetarian for 13 years and relied heavily on soy foods regularly during that time. I read in all of the health magazines that soy was healthy and the more the better! However, since becoming a health professional, I have learned that soy is not a health food and should be avoided by women, men and children.

Modern process soy has been demonstrated by numerous studies to not only cause thyroid dysfunction, digestive irritation, nutritional deficiencies, reproductive disorders but even heart disease and cancer. Soy blocks the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. These foundational minerals are vital to a healthy body.

Soy estrogens, also known as isoflavones were once touted as a miracle food, especially for menopausal women. But isoflavones have repeatedly been demonstrated to depress thyroid function. As little as 38 mg of isoflavones daily (less then one cup of soymilk) can result in hypothyroidism. Symptoms of depressed thyroid function include fatigue, constipation, weight gain and brain fog. Since some food manufacturers make a great profit on the sale of soy milk than dairy milk, it’s no wonder why this information isn’t readily available.

May of the commonly available soy products available today contain soy protein isolate (SPI). This product is produced at very high temperatures using a variety of chemicals, including hexane, a toxic, petroleum derivative. SPI has not been granted “Generally Recognized as Safe” status by the FDA. In addition to the chemical used to extract soybean oil and protein, many toxic substances are formed including nitrates and lysinonalanine (both of which are carcinogenic) aluminum, fluoride compounds, and MSG, which is a neurotoxin.

SPI is the key ingredient in soy infant formula. Infants consuming soy fomula have been found to have pancreatic distress and digestive damage. As those children aged, soy formula consumption has been linked to premature sexual development in girls, twice the risk of developing diabetes, autoimmune thyroid disease, more reproductive difficulties and asthma as adults. The real kicker is that because of the high isoflavone content in soy formula, the average intake of soy formula results in infants receiving the equivalent of 5 birth control pills per day.

Lastly, 90% of the soybeans grown in the United States are genetically modified. Seeds that are genetically modified have viruses injected into them by scientists. Currently the long term effects of this alteration of natural food is unknown. The US population is part of a large science experiment.

One does not have to be consuming soy milk or soy burgers to be exposed to soy. Soybean oil is one of the more common oils used for food production today. You’ll find it in nearly all packaged food products. Worse yet is when the oil is hydrogenated.

My intention with this information is not to alarm you but to provide food for thought (pun intended!). I consumed soy for years before I realized it’s damaging effects. You can make changes too!

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